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If avoiding the summer travel crowds is your goal, you would be wise to think outside the box when planning your summer vacation. Here are eight under-the-radar summer destinations guaranteed to delight visitors and deliver adventure and peace:

NORTH GEORGIA: This often overlooked region in the Southeastern United States offers picturesque towns, eclectic summer festivals, and a variety of activities all within a short drive of Atlanta.

WIND CAVE NATIONAL PARK, SOUTH DAKOTA: While everyone else is at Mount Rushmore, you can escape to this idyllic setting on the high plains. The unique caves will delight guests of all ages and the remote location will bring peace and tranquility.

GUANAJUATO, MEXICO: This historic city in Mexico is a boon for cultural and political buffs. And its higher elevations and cooler temperatures provide a much-needed respite from the summer heat.

DOMINICA: This Caribbean island not only boasts beautiful beaches and blue ocean water, but also a wide network of hiking trails designed to appeal to any outdoor enthusiast. The island’s natural hot springs and miles of tropical forest provide adventure around every corner of paradise.

BOISE, IDAHO: This city combines the best of outdoor recreational opportunities with a unique city vibe. A revitalized waterfront features a 25-mile park while the nearby mountains boast endless biking and hiking options. Boise also features a burgeoning music culture and a bustling bar and restaurant scene.

HUDSON VALLEY, NEW YORK: This charming valley boasts a cornucopia of vineyards, orchards, and farms nestled within beautiful rolling hills. Designated as a National Heritage Area, the valley also affords quick access from New York City, making it a convenient choice for many.

WEST COAST OF MICHIGAN: While the vacation nirvana of Lake Michigan is known to many, the western shoreline of the lake is often ignored in favor of the flashier destinations. This charming area features a mix of family-owned cabins, small-town friendliness, and fresh local food.
NATIVE AMERICAN RESERVATIONS AND CULTURAL SITES: Sprinkled all around the country, these reservations offer a unique travel opportunity boasting a rich history and cultural tradition. Enjoy native foods and feel good about supporting these local communities as you learn about the people of the land.