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Each year, cultures around the globe celebrate and prepare for the new year in many different ways. Across America, families eat pork and sauerkraut, watch fireworks, and throw a few drinks back. In Hong Kong, it has become an annual tradition for people to gather as the clock ticks and the ball drops. In Chile, locals wear underwear– yellow only, eat a dozen grapes at midnight and keep money in their shoes. Whether you want to stick to traditions or celebrate outside the box, there is a New Year’s destination waiting for you.

Athens, Greece

It’s New Year’s Eve, and millions of people are traveling to their destination of choice. As to be expected, that makes the airfare far more expensive. Like most flights, the sooner you book, the lower the price will be. If scheduled now, you could save almost $500 on your trip to Athens.

The currency used in Greece is European, the primary language is Greek, and the population sits under 700,000 people. This year there was a near 10% increase in searches of this destination. When packing, remember that the average temperature around this time is 46-48 degrees Fahrenheit. Take a trip to the ancient world and watch fireworks over the Acropolis. But beware! Public transportation closes at 11 pm, so avoid being stuck in the middle of nowhere and plan your night!

Montreal, Canada

While it is always better to have things locked in and planned, deciding on this holiday destination last minute won’t cost you near as much as some others will. The average temperature in Montreal ranges from 15-25 degrees. The median hotel rate ranges from $100-$150. The primary currency is Canadian, the primary language is French, and the population is at 1.74 million people. Partying is a great way to celebrate in Montreal. Check out a local favorite– The Coldroom in Old Port. From the outside, it doesn’t look too impressive. Walk through the plain black door tucked between souvenir shops and a Prohibition-era speakeasy is found on the inside.

Lisbon, Portugal

One can save over $200 by booking airfare to this destination a month in advance. The average temperature in this area is 54 degrees, and the median hotel rate ranges from $80-$140. There was a 10% increase in vacation searches to this destination in comparison to last year. The currency is European, the primary language is Portuguese, and the population sits right under 507,000. While the typical traditions of fireworks and partying do take place, the Portuguese tradition is to bang on pots and pans to ward off negative energy in the new year.

Guadalajara, México

This is trending as the number one destination for New Year’s. In comparison to last year’s searches, there was a 38% increase this year. The average temperature of the area ranges from 61-64 degrees, and the median hotel rate falls between $50-$75 dollars. The primary language is Spanish, the primary currency is Mexican, and the population is just under 1.5 million people. The best way to celebrate? Check out a nightclub like Pare de Sufrir and dance till dawn. Just remember to reserve a spot in advance!