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As the winter is finally coming to an end and the weather is starting to warm up, many families, individuals, and college students are preparing for their favorite time of year: Spring Break. For many, “Spring Break” brings to mind Cancun, Mexico, an overabundance of wild college kids, and a week-long party to remember (or, not remember). But what about post-grads that are looking for sun, fun, and maybe a little less college commotion? Instead of spending a week crammed into a resort with your alma mater’s finest, consider one of these stunning travel spots as a spring break alternative.

Charleston, South Carolina

With springtime temperatures around 70 degrees, Charleston, SC will provide you with a perfect balance of sunny warm days and cool southern nights. This city is a perfect destination for history lovers; providing tons of historic Southern-style mansions and homes that can take you back in time. Charleston gives visitors an authentic feel of Southern charm, with a mix of trendy, modern shops, and high-end boutiques. Take a walk down King Street, where you’ll get to visit both independently own boutiques with unique items and clothing, and retail spaces you might recognize from back home.  

Riviera Maya, Mexico

While Cancun may be a popular college spring break destination, there are plenty of other Mexican resorts that will provide you with the same tropical weather, crystal blue oceans, and authentic food and activities. Riviera Maya is the perfect Mexican destination for post-grads and other adults looking to take in the sun and dive into a state of pure relaxation. Here, you’ll find plenty of activities for individuals and families alike, with an abundance of authentic Mexican cuisine that will surely satisfy your tastebuds!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If you’re looking for a sunny escape but want to avoid the typical spring break commotion, consider Fort Lauderdale, FL. Relax on one of the many stunning beaches or a pool where you’re staying and prepare to catch some sun while enjoying the stunning surroundings. You can adventure out to the Everglades, or take a scenic walk/hike at one of the surrounding state/recreation parks!

Santa Barbara, California

A Mediterranean-like destination with stunning coastline and tons of sunshine, Santa Barbara is the perfect getaway for travelers looking for beautiful beaches and tons of wine tasting. Here, you’ll not only be surrounded by the Pacific Coast and its beaches but also captivating Spanish architecture that will make you feel like you’re on an international vacation. Visit local wineries for delicious wine tastings and tours, and take a walk down historic State Street for some local shopping.