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Barely one month into the year and 2018 has already provoked absurd and half-baked ideas. The video “Cooking With Your Mouth” quickly went viral. Intended as visual art and a possible new cooking trend, the creator confirmed that the video was not produced to be a joke.

Before proceeding any further, if you haven’t already, take a peek at the full video here. But be prepared to be grossed out.

As the video begins, actress Iska Lupton introduces herself as Riva Godfrey– the role she is playing. She declares, “I’m going to show you how to make my Christmas turkey stuffing recipe using only my mouth.” She then begins to peel and bite into an onion, chews it up into pieces and spits the results out into the bowl. She proceeded to continue this method with a carrot, celery, butter, bread, herbs and an egg. Once all the chewed food has been spat into the bowl, she used her hands to combine and mold the mixture before stuffing it into an uncooked turkey. Fear not, however, she does use an oven to cook the turkey to the correct temperature.

The method, coined “baby birding” by some viewers, has many concerned about possible health risks, such as germ contamination or salmonella. The creator, Nathan Ceddia, isn’t apprehensive about germs whatsoever. He says he practices conventional and mouth cooking at home, and claims, “If the food is properly cooked afterward, its fine.”

Ceddia argues that the human mouth has endless capabilities and is an all-purpose utensil that is entirely free. He also believes that this new style of cooking would make the kitchen a safer environment where people could express their creativity.

“It’s a way of channeling my inner caveman. I’ve created a foolproof concept that minimizes kitchen risks, replacing dangerous utensils with the safety of our own mouths,” Ceddia claimed.

The artist hopes to have created a food ‘movement,’ and he plans to release more recipes in the months to come. Ceddia is already working to introduce these skills to schools and prisons.

As for the actress, she claims to have enjoyed the process despite the hardness of the garlic and the tears from the onion.

“As your eyes start moistening up and your nose starts running into the mix you just feel an incredible sense of release and oneness with the food,” she said. “Cooking with your mouth is an incredible feeling of freedom, creativity, and control over your ingredients and finished article.”

While both the artist and the actress may have enjoyed the new method and hopeful cooking revolution, it seems that while going viral, most people are far more interested in conventional cooking options such as graters and knives rather than saliva and teeth. Either way, it may be safe to say that Ceddia and Lupton will receive fewer responses to their Christmas Dinner invites.