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It’s finally here: 2018 has begun, and now we’re starting off another new year fresh. As each year turns into the next, you’ll find countless lists predicting trends for the coming year, ranging in nature from paint colors to clothing styles and food influences that will be making an impact that coming year.

In 2017, we saw food trends ranging from sushi burgers and over-the-top pizza toppings to kombucha, matcha, and pickle-flavored-everything dominating our social media feeds, so as we head into 2018, take a look at the food trends people will be going crazy for this year.

  1. Root to Stem Eating

You’ve likely heard of nose-to-tail eating after the 2004 groundbreaking book of the same name, a concept that involves using every part of the animal for dining in a revolutionary yet traditional style of cooking. Now, get ready for root-to-stem eating, which will see plants prepared in the same fashion, using every part of the plant in food preparation, even stems, roots, and leaves. Keep an eye out for foods like pickled watermelon rinds and sauteed chard stems that will reduce food waste and expand your diet this year.

  1. Hyper-Local Foods

In an effort to be more environmentally conscious and less wasteful, many people have recently taken to ‘eating local,’ or purchasing ingredients that are grown or sourced locally. In 2018, prepare to see this taken to the next level with the growing trend of cooking with ingredients that are sourced within walking distance. Danish chef René Redzepi is one of those at the forefront of this movement and practices this hyper-local sourcing in Noma, his two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen.

  1. Gut-Friendly Dishes

Of the 100 trillion bacteria in and on our bodies at any given time, most of them live within our gut. The bacteria that we have in our stomachs do so much more than just break down our food; gut flora helps reduce harmful substances, discourage formation of ‘bad’ bacteria, absorb nutrients and produce vitamins B and K, in addition to a whole host of other benefits. We eat nutrients to benefit other parts of our bodies, but now people are moving towards foods that promote a healthy gut. Methods like pickling, preserving, and fermenting will become more popular as prebiotics — like onions and garlic — and probiotics — like miso and kimchi — make their way onto more and more dinner tables.

  1. Dole Whip

Last year we were obsessed with poke bowls full of delicious cubed and seasoned raw fish, now get ready to fall in love with Dole Whip, the newest Hawaiian-based craze that’s making its way onto the mainland. Dole, the largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world based in Hawaii, is quickly gaining more attention for its frozen pineapple treat: Dole Whip. Originally created in the 1980s and previously only available at certain locations within Disneyland, this creamy, tangy treat made waves this past summer when suddenly the frozen delight was popping up on food blogs like Refinery29 prompting food establishments everywhere to start producing it. Keep an eye out for it everywhere summer 2018.