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Taking a vacation does not necessarily imply traveling miles from home. People can simply depart from the routine of their daily lives to relax and rejuvenate on a local level. This type of “staycation” is perfect for autumn, when the weather is cooling and you’re feeling nostalgic for the bygone days of summer. So, what can you do to enjoy your staycation without traveling too far from home?

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Fall is the perfect time for a hike—the weather is mild, the wind is crisp, and leaves blaze with beautiful colors. No matter where you live, you’re likely not far from leisurely hiking trails and wonderful fall foliage. If you’d like, take it a step further by staying a step closer to home and spend a night around a campfire with friends and family. Sip on some apple cider, stargaze, and maybe even pitch a tent in your backyard! The change of scenery can make you feel like you’re miles away from home, even when the patio is just a few yards away.

Explore Local Events

If your staycation is supposed to give your professional life a break, explore the opportunities in your personal life by checking out local events! Many of these experiences are fall-themed and, since October is the big month for such events, may not be as crowded. In many places, local farmers cut paths through the dried corn stalks left after harvesting the corn, creating a maze. Visitors are invited to explore these corn mazes, often earning prizes should they find their ways out! If you’re looking for something with more variety, old-fashioned fun can be found at state fairs. From Ferris wheels to funnel cakes, there’s plenty to enjoy, and it offers a short-term staycation for those who can’t afford to take too much time off.

Find Free Activities

One of the benefits of having a staycation is limited (or absent) travel costs. No planes or trains are needed if you’re sticking around your hometown! Plus, even if you have to travel to get to different locations, your home is your hotel, and the activities available can come at various costs—or none at all! Oftentimes, factories and local merchants are willing to give tours of their companies. Libraries, churches, and academic institutions host free concerts and events of all kinds. Take a look at your community’s newspaper, Facebook page, or newsletters to see what all is available in your area!