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When you picture your happy place, what do you see? Perhaps your home, your childhood bedroom, or your favorite vacation spot. Happiness is something we look for in life, and it’s also something we look for when we decide to travel to a new destination. While your favorite spots are always a surefire win, there’s nothing more exciting than falling in love with a new location and adding another stop on your list of happy places.

With so many destinations around the world, it can be difficult to nail down where your next destination should be. Not sure where to start? Here are some factors that world travelers love about different locations all across the world.

Cold, new and unexpected treks like Alaska, Iceland, Antarctica and Canada are becoming a popular destination. Whether the journey takes the traveler to see icebergs, penguins or the Northern Lights, these frigid but serene and peaceful nuances are making people happy.

On the complete flip side, other people prefer the warm and vast Savannah plains such as those that can be found in parts of Africa. The continent is filled with wildlife, vast lands and cultures that are dated to thousands or more years. There are countless things to do here including camping, safari rides, and hiking some of the largest mountains in the world.

For others, the local and vernacular journey is one that that draw them in, examining a place thoroughly and immersing themselves completely within their given destination. Cooking classes, visiting markets and shops, meeting the family of a vineyard and taking a lecture at a local library in a foreign land may be the ultimate get away. This can provide more of an insight to the authenticity of a culture that most tourists do not get to witness.

Traveling, overall, has never been so easy and accessible to most, allowing people to visit multiple dream destinations that can add to overall happiness. This, included with adrenaline activities like swimming with sharks, zip lining, bungee jumping, helicopter rides and skydiving are just a few that people who need the rush will look for when traveling somewhere. Blood pumping excitement brings out the joy in some.

Lastly, there are trips that are more about the journey rather than the destination. For some, food and wine, or other various type of drink might be the reason for an excursion of a specific part. The cuisine and wine in certain countries may be the only reason for some to go and visit.

Whatever the reason to go and have the trip of a lifetime, there is no better time to go than right now. Even if the need is just to relax and recharge, the happiness and joy that it brings can be overwhelming. Find happiness wherever in the world it leads you to.