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Let’s talk the majority favorite- pizza! We are now living in the golden age of pizza. Cheese lovers across the country are specializing in their own pizzas crafted specifically to their region. However, in the high-demand pizza world today, you can easily find regional pizzas breaking free of their original birthplace, becoming available to a wider audience of pizza lovers across the board. Here are the 8 regional pizza styles that are a must-try for the pizza enthusiast.

  1. New Haven Style

A New Haven pizza is thin and dry staying true to its Neapolitan roots. Remember to request your mozzarella!

  1. Detroit

Rectangular in shape and sporting a caramelized-cheese edge (everybody is bound to love this by the way), Detroit style pizza is lined with toppings, then cheese, then sauce! Permission to start salivating.

  1. Bar

If you love your thin crust, Bar is the thinnest of thin! It is the classic bar pizza, used to keep people satiated during their drinking endeavors. Usual toppings and a cracker-like crust make for a delicious addition to a craft beer.

  1. Al Taglio

Pizza al taglio literally translates to “by the cut” and is common in Rome. It is a long and doughy pizza that is cut using scissors.

  1. Romana Tanda

This is your bar pizza with a Neapolitan influence. Thin, cracker crust dressed in white!

  1. Granny-style

Yes, you read that right. Cooked in a rectangular pan lined with oil, this pizza will have a golden crust. It is a thinner version of a Detroit pie, topped with crushed tomatoes and cheese.

  1. Neapolitan

A classic Neapolitan pie will be hand-stretched and wood-fired. If you want a chewy pie, this is the one for you! If you like more toppings you should look for a neo-Neopolitian spot to gain access to a wider variety.

  1. New York pizza

A classic and must-have, a New York pizza will be sold both by the slice and pie. The ratio of sauce to cheese to crust will be equally dispersed giving you the most balanced pie you can sink your teeth into.

Now that you’re starving (as are we) get out there and find a new spot to try any one or more of these pizza styles. You never know what your new favorite will be!