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Italy is a Southern European nation that’s known the world over for its amazing and plentiful dining choices. It doesn’t matter if an individual visits Australia, North America, East Asia or the Middle East, chances are he or she will come across a good number of dining establishments that serve Italian meals of all varieties. Italians have introduced all kinds of mouthwatering meals. People everywhere dine on pasta, pizza pies and more with great regularity. Travelers who are planning to head to the boot-shaped country should zero in on the most exciting spots for avid food fans.

Naples is a widely known Italian metropolis that also happens to be a hub for people who have sizable appetites. Pizza is one of the most beloved food items out there. People who have penchants for pizza can’t resist flocking to Naples year in and year out. Naples is the city that happens to be pizza’s place of birth. The city features an abundance of pizzerias that are optimal for people who have all kinds of specific preferences. People who cannot resist marinara and margherita offerings often cannot turn away from Naples excursions.

People all over the globe associate Venice with its gondolas. They frequently associate it with incredible dining options, too. Venice isn’t far from the stunning Adriatic Sea. That’s why it’s also a superb spot for people who are all about fresh and delightful seafood plates. People who want to revel in codfish often become Venice enthusiasts. Codfish is only the start of the city’s plentiful culinary specialties, however.

Rome is Italy’s bustling capital. The glittering metropolis is chock-full of historic landmarks. It’s also chock-full of dining establishments that can suit people with all kinds of appetites. Travelers who are genuine pasta aficionados often relish meals in Rome. One staple for diners in Rome is an enduring pasta dish that’s known as bucatini alla carbonara. There are practically countless eateries scattered all throughout Rome that have this dish on the menu. People who want to fuel up on pasta that’s filling, hearty and authentic to the max often have the times of their lives in Rome. It’s no surprise that it’s a powerhouse among devoted food fans.