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When traveling around the country, looking for the best bite to eat, there are certain places that everyone should hit. Here are America’s top 13 foodie cities and the iconic dishes any avid foodie should ask for.

  1. Chicago

The City of Many Neighborhoods has a diverse palette, but everyone in Chicago knows about the city’s signature Italian Beef sandwich doused with beef jus and giardiniera.

Try the best at Mr. Beef or Fiore’s.

  1. Atlanta

Every town has its hot dog, and Atlanta does it southern style with bulging with chili and cheese. In business since 1928, the Varsity serves up the best (and cheapest) chili dog served with thick-cut onion rings and a signature Frosted Orange drink.

  1. Tampa

Tampa takes the honors for the best deviled crab with fresh-caught crabs hauled in on boats daily. It is a dish with a history: people with leftover crab pasta sauce began adding crab, bread crumbs, and spices to create this favored dish.

  1. Seattle

Seattle probably has the most unique (and tastiest) hot dog of all. This amazing classic dates back to the ’80s in Pioneer Square where they topped a standard hot dog with cream cheese and caramelized onions.

  1. San Diego

Don’t leave San Diego without trying a wood-fired California pizza. Afterwards, you must also sample the Mexican food since it’s only a border away. Go for the street tacos, California burritos, and carne asada fries.

  1. Las Vegas

Many Americans may never have heard of arepas, but Las Vegas has:  they are thick griddled corn cakes from Venezuela and Columbia. Try them at Viva Las Arepas between the Strip and downtown,

  1. Austin

In Austin, it’s (strangely) common to hear people talk about Detroit-style pizza from Via313. These deep dish pies are hands down the best pizzas in the city.

  1. Orlando

Orlando took the southern traditional pecan pie and turned it into a gourmet delight. Stop in and get a salted caramel dark chocolate pecan pie at Se7en Bites on Primrose Drive

  1. Miami

Miami has lots of Latin-inspired Italian restaurants. Try maduros pasta for this unique culinary combination. Another treat not to miss in Miami is a fresh cinnamon bun in Redland.

  1. Los Angeles

Los Angelenos say you haven’t really been to an In-N-Out for a juicy, loaded double burger until you’ve been to one in L.A. Don’t take a chance. Try the one on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood.

  1. New York

A dreamy New York cheesecake is popular for its iconic four-ingredient one made with just cream, cream cheese, sugar, and eggs. Try one at Junior’s Cheesecake in Brooklyn.

  1. Portland

Podnah’s in Portland has done a great job reinventing southern-style BBQ by sticking with the Texas-style pit method of cooking. Try their oak-smoked meats.

  1. San Francisco

Ask around anywhere in San Francisco for a Joe’s Special and they will know what you are talking about. Originating in an Italian-American restaurant in 1920, it’s made with eggs, ground beef, spinach, and garlic.