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The south brings a ton of culture and excitement to both locals and tourists alike. From delicious food to experiences that you can only find in specific destinations, southern living, or travel, packed with tons to do, no matter how long you’re there for.  For foodies, traveling through the southern region is more than exciting, as the authentic cuisine is something that can’t truly be represented anywhere else. Here are a few southern foodie cities that you definitely want to consider if you’re making the trip! 

Greenville, South Carolina 

Culture, beauty, and most importantly, FOOD! Greenville, SC is the first on our list. Packed with over 120 independently owned local restaurants, Greenville has a lot to offer your foodie pallet.  Downtown is where you’ll find most of this excitement; you’ll even have the luxury of touring around the city on one of the many trolleys the city has put in place for visitors. One of the greatest aspects of the Greenville area is the locally owned establishments that have fantastic reputations across the board. Find authentic BBQ, delicious southern classics, and farm to table options! If you’re partial to craft brewery’s Greenville offers six different spots, with a few more opening shortly. 

St. Petersburg, Florida

Palm trees, waterfront restaurants, and tons of sun; St. Pete is a foodie destination perfect for anyone looking for a combo of a stunning summertime atmosphere, and delicious food. Here, you’ll find tons of different options from craft microbreweries, fantastic seafood, and a fun downtown rooftop such as The Canopy Rooftop Lounge that sits atop The Birchwood. Take a visit to The Canopy for stunning rooftop views of the waterfront and relax with delicious food and drinks in one of the private cabana’s or by the warmth of a fire pit.

Birmingham, Alabama 

Birmingham has a culinary history that really kicked off in the early 1980s when Highlands Bar and Grill was opened by Frank Stitt, with a French twist on traditional southern cuisine. From then, Birmingham has become known for being the “hottest small food city in America”, according to Andrew Zimmern. The small city is known for many independently owned establishments that put their own twists on classic dishes, and offer a wide variety from southern classics to authentic Italian style cuisine.   

There are plenty of southern food spots worth trying, keep a lookout as we highlight more!